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Cunnilingus - oral sex for women

There is no secret - women like oral sex a lot. Oral sex for women or in other words cunnilingus is something that can make a woman go crazy of pleasure and satisfaction. Due to some anatomic reasons tongue and mouth touching women’s genitals gives incredible feeling for her, but there are some things that partner (men) should know and pay attention to. Cunnilingus is delicate skill, which requires patience, practice and understanding how to do it right.

During cunnilingus man should never rush – that doesn’t give any positive feelings for woman. Many women find it exciting when man is teasing her with tongue – slowly and quietly. Then a pleasure comes step by step giving amazing feeling for her. There are a big percentage of women who achieve orgasm from oral sex, but not all – so people do oral sex in two different ways:
1. First is for women who do not achieve orgasm from cunnilingus. When a woman belongs to this category – oral sex is a good way to warm her up, before having regular sex. There are many couples when man achieves orgasm quickly and woman needs more time, then oral sex may help to solve a problem of orgasm time between partners.
2. Second type of women, are those, who easily achieve orgasm from cunnilingus. This is an exciting way to make love with partner and diverse sexual life. Besides, it is safer – women will never become pregnant from only oral sex. However, it is not very easy doing cunnilingus to help woman achieve orgasm – a man has to know what his woman like, and which parts are the most sensitive for her. Some people are saying that oral sex for both man and woman is a fine art of sex.
Everyone must find how they like things done to them, and this is a very personal thing. Every woman is different and oral sex will need to be different for them. Some woman may like additional stimulation during oral sex such as one or two fingers into her vagina, stimulate erogenous zone at the roof of her vagina, touch breasts.
Some people are still afraid of trying oral sex because of natural smell vagina, so there is one simple way to avoid it – make sure you go to a shower and wash yourself before having sex (both men and women should do that).
Moreover some ladies, mostly those who never tried oral sex, are afraid that man may not like how she looks “there” or natural smell of that place. Due to this reason, she may not let a man to do cunnilingus to her. That is a personal thing of every couple and it can be changed after sincere talking about it – if a man is smart enough he will let her feel how much he wants to taste her “there” and give her incredible pleasure.
As I mentioned before every single women will be different, and before giving her satisfaction doing oral sex, man should be ready to accept her wishes otherwise doing cunnilingus the way man likes – may be useless for woman. Then there is no point to practice oral sex at all. The difference between normal sex and oral sex pleasure for women is that if a couple is making love in traditional way – they both feel pleasure, but during cunnilingus – woman is the main object that needs to be satisfied. That is why man has to pay all his attention to satisfy her, otherwise women will not ...

Best ideas for your perfect date

Probably the most superb for your unforgetable date sounds the idea about riding horses in the beach, across the water vawes in the view of sunset on the ocean...if you cant organize all those things keep the idea only about riding horses. Also could be suitable places near the forest or in some empty fields full of flowers.

Your partner will always be impressed by the oldest idea about organizing romantic dinner near the candle lights. It sounds very classical but believe me it is only up to you to make it special find out what he or she doesnt like about food and learn couple of recipes that you can make on your own. This realy wont cause you any problems because there are lots of information about cooking and serving table. If you are a guy make sure that she will come earlier and notice you cooking. It would be even more impressive than already served table.
Everyone likes going to the zoo and it would realy ensure you very romantic trip that you can always choose instead of simple going for a walk. All those animals
and nature get people close together and eliminate stress. Such an interesting way of spending time together wont cost you a lot but such an evening will be memorable and pithy.

You would never delude yourself with inviting your date to a museum, ancient places of your town, castles, galeries or some cultural festivals. It even could help to know a lot about your partner, because such places oblige people to talk about peculiar things and shows his/her attitude to the world.

Finally, no matter where you go always use your imagination fly a kite, play hide and seek or paint fight, dance in the rain, draw one another or something.

Anal sex - what women like/dislike

There is a wide range of people who practice anal sex. The reasons why people like to practice anal sex vary greatly. Some men and women say that anal sex enables them to reach orgasm, with or without simultaneous stimulation of their genitals (penis or clitoris). Generally, for women, pleasure is derived through anal intercourse due to the shared nerve endings that are located between the rectal wall and the vagina, and/or from indirect stimulation of the G-spot. The anus contains many nerves as well, which can also react in a pleasurable manner when excited.

Anal sex (stimulation from a finger, a toy, or the full Monty) is still a taboo subject for many people (and illegal is some states). Why some men like anal sex so much? Well, the main reason and most probably the main factor that stimulates men to practice anal sex is that this section is much more forbidden and not so popular among heterosexuals as vaginal sex. But there is a different question with women side and female have much more likes and dislikes about anal sex. So what do women hate about anal sex and what do they love in it?
Actually anal sex can be even very pleasurable for women due to some biological factors – the rectum shares a membrane with the vagina, and the sexual nerves are closer on that side, which makes the sensation unique, stronger and probably more orgasmic.
Many women still think that anal sex is a taboo and it’s just a thing you can see only in porn flicks. But nowadays when teenage girls become pregnant very often, when group sex is becoming more popular among everyone it’s quite evident that anything ends in the bedroom.
There is a saying that women try anal sex twice in their life: first time – to see how it is, and second time – to check if it was really that bad.
So here are some things that women dislike, even hate about anal sex:
1. During anal sex, female virtually hand their sexual power over to their partners. So men have the ability to prevent woman’s orgasm. Penetration usually occurs from behind: man enters her sexually when she can’t see him and women’s sexual satisfaction is in mans hands.Women are not sure what man is doing “back there” so usually they are afraid of pain and suffering.
2. Penis can cause serious damage to a woman by hurting terribly when it comes to anal aperture if men are not careful. Men need to pay serious attention to a woman’s penetration when she is not relaxed, so to be sensitive is a necessity.
3. Women hate insensitive men whose motives are selfish. So during anal sex woman make sure that her partner is smart wnough to understand some things as using lubricant to avoid a possible pain. It might be very painful because it’s not a “juicy vagina” – in this situation men should apply a lot of lubricant.
So there are some things that women doesn't like about anal sex and every women who never tried it should firslty remember these things and make sure to avoid pain and bad feelings. But there are also some things that women love about anal sex, here are the main points and advices for men what women need to love it:

Five Things That Women Hate in Bed

I believe that none of men could possibly be proud of being called “boring lover”, and none of the women would like spend their lives or even just one night with a “stallion” with such a reputation. Therefore, we are here to help you with a several tips on how avoid such a “label” on your back. Here are five things that women really hate in their sex life:
Don’t be too careful
The phrases like “can I?” are NOT sexy. They just kill the mood. A good lover knows how to let the woman know their next step and how to prepare her for it with no questions asked. Sometimes it is enough just to look in “undressing” way or a provocative touch your girlfriends’ body to give a signal for sex.
“Mechanical sex”
Most women would agree that sex with no passion is boring, just a time spent with no particular reason. No woman wants to become an “inflatable woman” (perhaps only with a very little exception). I’m not saying that every sex you have has to be exclusively tremendous, but just don’t ignore the fact that every woman want to be a “woman” and it's always a good idea to keep that in mind. Be sensitive and sometimes not just have sex, but also “make love” to her.
If your girlfriend or wife know every crack in your ceiling – you are in a huge trouble. But don’t panic yet. A simple change of a place will help you out. Try doing it in your bathroom, kitchen, your car or even on a beach (of course find a place with no viewers), the possibilities are endless. Turn on your imagination.
Moaning and talking
Too loud moaning as well as too quiet is irritating for women. The silence is also not an option. You have to play careful here. Try to find the “golden middle” and to express your feelings to your girlfriend but not to all the neighbors. Try not to use all the same words during the sex as well, try to find phrases how to say how sexy she looks, how great she is in bed you don’t have to repeat all the same three words, which we all are so afraid of.
Unwillingness to experiment
If you are in a long-term relationship, don’t be afraid to experiment. Sex life does get boring, and there is a lot you can do about it. Try different positions, role-playing give a freedom to your fantasies. Do whatever you want to if your partner agrees with it, and if it would spice up your love life.
Discuss you fantasies with your partner at the glass of a good wine, and you would be surprised how fast they can turn into reality.
These are the main guidelines how to improve your sex life. What I wanted to say here is that women do not seek Casanova in every man. They just want you to make an effort to your relationship.

Remember that opposite of “boring” is exiting and unexpected, so if you try from time to time to surprise your partner, you will not be in trouble. The most important thing is that you would have a partner who would be w...

Increase your Sexual Attractiveness with Pheromones

Pheromones are a natural chemical compound found in all insects, animals, and humans. Animals detect pheromones over a distance – they help them mark territory and recognize mates. Human pheromones are natural hormones and we use them to communicate with one another on a subconscious level. They are detected by a little organ inside the nose and then being transmitted to our brains as a chemical message of sex and sexual attraction.
Not everyone knows that these days’ pheromones can be found as a product – colognes, sprays, oils, gels, wipes, lotions, soaps and even candles. There are different pheromones for Men and Women. Pheromone products mainly contain one or all of the following human pheromones:
*Androstenone - the pheromone that gives a macho, dominant male aura. It attracts and arouses women on a primordial level and women reported having better and stronger orgasm during sex.
*Androstenol – is called as a friendly pheromone. You will seem nice, friendly and approachable to others.
*Androsterone – is knows as a middle ground between the first two. People say that androsterone is very similar to andostenone, just it doesn’t give a male macho aura as much.
*Copulins – is found in pheromones for women to use. Copulins are produced by women naturally, during their ovulation time. Copulins are used towards attracting men.
Pheromones come in both scented and unscented products. Some people use scented pheromones as simple perfume or body spray. Then they don‘t need to use any other perfume. Unscented products can be mixed with colognes, perfumes or body sprays. Both kinds of pheromones are applied in the same places where you usually apply other perfume or body spray.
Pheromones “work” for both male and female, and pheromone products are being used to gain sexual attraction of the opposite sex.
Guys, it doesn‘t matter how you look like – fat or slim, tall or short, handsome or not a sexy macho – if you use pheromones, women will find you sexually attractive. After women smell pheromones in the pheromone product they will become attracted to you. Try to use pheromone products and you will notice that women are starting to show you more attention, more eye contact, more dates and of course more sex.
The same is for women. If you like a man and he is not paying as much attention to you as you want – try a pheromone “attack”. When he is around you - make sure you sprayed pheromones on your body and you will start feel difference. Many women use this “weapon” to get the guys they want.
Pheromones can help you increase your attractiveness, bring you more success in business and many social situations, make people comfortable around you and improve your own mood.

Why Do We Love Sex Toys?

Even the coolest intimate relations will be richer if you add some novelties and surprises in it. Nowadays there are a lot of sex shops almost in every city around the world, where you can find erotic accessories starting with sexy lingerie of different styles ending with dildos and vaginas.

They always can be ordered by post, moreover they aren't considered anymore to be a sexual pervert prerogative. Thousands of people buy and use them for the purpose of self-satisfaction or for the satisfaction during the coitus.

It's important that sex shops and catalogues do not offer their products anymore as the help for onanists. At the very beginning of sex toys appearance, in the middle of seventies, every direction for vibrator use contained the following information: It can help you to relax and to relieve the muscular stress. But in the pictures there was a woman that massaged shoulders, malleolus and even cheeks. Oh, God! Save us from the thought of its penetration into her vagina!!!
Masturbation is no longer a generally recognized vice. Self-stimulation is not only innocuous, but even useful. No one has problems with the head from onanism yet. Masturbation helps both women and men to get rid of stress and loneliness. Also it lets you learn much more about your own body and sexuality.

If you really know what you love during masturbation you can easily explain your partner what type of stimulation of genitals he should choose to satisfy you. The results of it: you derive pleasure from it, and he gains an experience and self-confidence as a subtle lover!

As you know sex can solve any problem between man and woman. So, diversify your sexual life using sex toys!!!